Year 7 Catch Up Premium

Year 7 Catch Up Premium Expenditure Plan – 2017-18

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Year 7 Catch Up Premium – 2016-17

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Year 7 Catch Up Premium – 2014-15

In 2014-15 Penketh High School received £12,000 Catch up funding. This funding is targeted at students who achieved below level 4 in Reading and /or Mathematics Key Stage 2 Standard Assessment Tests.

To support the students on their journey to achieving better than expected progress we have provided the following:

Summer School

In our continued efforts to ensure a successful transition to Penketh High School pupils were given the opportunity to access our Summer School. In addition to focussing on self-esteem and increased independence the opportunity to enhance literacy and numeracy skills was incorporated into the planned activities.

Orchard Centre

The funding has contributed greatly to the high cost of staffing employed in our newly established ‘Orchard Centre’, where our vision for removing barriers to learning and ensuring the attainment gap between pupils and their peers is narrowed, is being addressed. Small group and 1 to 1 intervention, along with small class teaching with additional Teaching Assistant support have contributed greatly to the quick increase in pupil progress in literacy and numeracy. At the end of the first term in Year 7 the vast majority of pupils identified were on track to achieve better than expected progress in English and nearly two thirds were also on track in Maths.

Teaching Resources

Resources purchased to support the learning activities within the Orchard Centre have allowed for pupil learning styles – auditory, visual, kinaesthetic or multi-sensory to be catered for subsequently engaging and motivating pupils.

Accelerated Reader 

The purchase of a new Reading Programme – Accelerated Reader, has involved costs for training staff, additional ICT equipment and the ongoing purchases of books. Our DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) initiative has proved to be a huge success both in terms of the increase in the desire to read but also the measured reading age improvement. The opportunity to quiz on iPads has been another incentive to engage pupils and for them to see immediate success in their reading comprehension. In a period of 4 months there had been an average reading age gain of 7 months.

Reading Buddy

In the first term of Year 7 a reading buddy programme was set up. This involved the pupils identified with low reading ages working with an older pupil. Pupils were able to access purchased books that were gauged appropriately both in terms of interest age but also ability level. Staff would guide the reading buddies in how they could support the pupil they were working with. Staff would observe pupils reading and question them about their understanding.