Student Council

At Penketh High School we believe that the young person is at the heart of everything we do. Therefore we consult pupils via our School and House Councils. Each academic year, two form representatives are elected to their House Council. Regular meetings provide a forum for consultation with pupils regarding matters which are of importance to them. Further representatives meet at the School Council. Members from the Sixth Form are also associate members of the Governing Body.

The Marking Policy for Penketh High School has been updated. As pupils, this is what we can expect to see on our work.

  • Marking should show where we have been successful and there should be a positive comment showing this.
  • The expected learning outcome (WILF) should be discussed with us and the assessment guidelines made clear at the beginning of the lesson.
  • Marking should include targets that clearly show what we can do to improve the standard of our work. This may include teachers showing us examples of work or model answers.
  • We should receive feedback on our work at least every 2 weeks. This might be verbal. At least once every half term we should receive a level or a grade on our work.
  • We should be given time to reflect on teachers comments. We should also be given an opportunity to set targets when our assessed work is returned.
  • Subjects should include the marking of spelling, punctuation and grammar on our work. Not all mistakes would be corrected in every assignment, particular attention might be given to frequently mis-spelt words or common punctuation errors.
  • We should have a clear understanding of what ‘good’ looks like (success criteria). Subject areas should provide opportunities for us to assess our own work and the work of other pupils.