Operation Encompass


Penketh High School is part of a partnership between all Warrington schools and Cheshire police. The project is called Operation Encompass, and is designed to provide any information to school regarding any domestic violence incidents that happen outside of school, which may have an impact on a child in school. The process is that a phone call is made to school from the Police following any incident of domestic violence the night before.

A key adult in school is trained to liaise with the Police and use the shared information in confidence. This will enable schools to support each child who has been involved, witnessed or affected by a domestic violence incident.

The key adult will make sure that a person the child trusts is available to support, if necessary and if wanted. The support given will be, mainly, from a distance. Staff will keep an eye on the child and make sure they have a positive day. The information shared by Operation Encompass normally is not shared with all staff, but a message will go out to key staff to keep a supportive eye over that pupil for the rest of the day. However schools do have a duty of care to pass on any information if they believe the child is at risk.

The key adult at Penketh High School is Mr Swain and he may contact other agencies if appropriate. Parents may come into school and talk to the key adult as they will be the person that will be made aware that something has happened.

Penketh High School’s key adult is there to support children straight away and also to support families as a whole in directing them to other support agencies.

Please click here to download information sent out to all parents/carers.



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