Penketh Charter

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This is our Charter and it is a very simple document.

The Charter was produced in 2013 following consultation with pupils, staff, parents and governors.

The Charter sets out what is required of us all to ensure that by 2016 Penketh High School is recognised as outstanding in all that it does to support our pupils. Through the Going for Gold strategy, our ambition is to ensure that all pupils at Penketh High School aspire to make progress in line with the Silver and Gold Progress Pathways in all subjects over their journey from Year 7 to Year 11. This will then maximise their opportunities as they enter further education as sixth form students either at Penketh High School or, supported by us, the college of their choice.

The Charter’s requirements have been separated into two parts; what stakeholders have committed themselves to, and the support required to make things happen.

This Charter is not a quick fix to improve Year 11 attainment outcomes, rather a change of culture to bring about improvement across all year groups. The deep improvement we seek will be an outcome from us all expecting our pupils to be the best that they can be and to ensure that all pupils are ambitious about the progress they are capable of making.

Pupil progress will be measured against our Four Learning Pathways (4LP) of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Red and tracked for every subject each half term. We expect year on year improvement in the number of pupils on the Silver and Gold Pathways for every subject and to put in place the necessary support for those pupils not making expected progress and on the Red Progress Pathway.

Our intention for all stakeholders is for this success to be recognised by Ofsted so that by 2017 Penketh High School is offering outstanding opportunities as the first school of choice for local families.

We will put the classroom at the centre of all that we do.

Our focus will be relentless reflection and improvement on the quality of learning that takes place in our classrooms and a consistency of approach that will support this.

Whilst our aims are ambitious, the methods by which we will make them happen are straight forward.

We will share good practice, learn from each other and support each other.

We will be open and honest with each other, relentlessly positive, and embrace accountability as a healthy and necessary component of getting better at what we do.

This Charter contains many honourable words, but we recognise that only by turning them into actions, will we be successful. The aggregate of small gains will be our most potent agent of change.

We are excited about what we can achieve by 2017, and the positive impact we will have on the pupils we are privileged to teach.

Our GCSE results in the summer of 2013 were the school’s best ever, exceeding the previous best by 5%. We are very proud of these results but understand that this is only the start of what our pupils are capable of achieving.

Outcomes in 2014 were disappointing but changed nothing with regards our determination to focus relentlessly on the progress our pupils make.

We will support our pupils to strive for even greater success over the coming years and with our support they can dare to dream about their futures through an ambition built on always striving to be the best that they can be.

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