Options 2015/16

Options 2015/16

As we have decided that a 3 year Key Stage 4 will be beneficial to our pupils’ success, year 8 pupils are required to select the subjects that they would like to undertake across year 9 to year 11. The option subjects that pupils select to study alongside their core subjects will be those they undertake their GCSE (or equivalent) exams in at the end of year 11.

All pupils have been issued with a copy of the Option booklet which provides details about the curriculum and courses that they will study over the duration of Key Stage 4. This booklet also provides information about each of the courses that they can choose to study across Key Stage 4.

Pupils have also been issued with the option form that is relevant to their band. This should be completed and returned to either Mr Carlin or Mrs Lyne.

Copies of Option booklets were distributed to parents during Options Evening but the links below will open up a digital copy of the booklet. We have also provided a link to each of the option forms should you require another copy.

Year 8 Option Booklet 2015/16

Y8 E Band option form

Y8 P Band option form

Y8 S Band option form