Learning Score System

Dear Parent,

We have enjoyed a positive start to the new year and have focused on driving improvements in the climate for learning across school. Pupils are aware of the expectations we have regarding their conduct in class and around the site – these can be found in pupil planners. Pupils, in the most part, have risen to the challenge of meeting our high expectations and as a result the climate for learning in lessons has improved.

Learning Score Criteria
1 •       Work towards achieving a higher grade than target grade

•       Contribute to class discussions and encourage others to contribute

•       Overcome challenges with a positive mind-set

•       Actively want to know how to improve work

2 •       All classwork attempted/completed

•       Improve work when a mistake is made

•       Move onto extension work once work is complete

•       Demonstrate excellent presentation of work

3 •       Bare minimum of work produced

•       Settling for underachievement

•       Not engaged with lesson

•       Low level disruption/distracting others

4 •       Not attempting/refusing to complete work

•       Ignoring teacher instructions

•       Not engaging in class/group discussion

•       Persistent reminders to stay on task

This term we have introduced the “Learning Score” system. This is a method of monitoring pupil engagement in lessons and is focused on identifying the performance of pupils in terms of their effort and application in class. Pupils will be awarded a learning score on a scale of 1-4 each lesson. The criteria for each grade has been developed in conjunction with the Student Council representatives as we felt it was important that pupils were involved in deciding what learning should look like for each score. The criteria can be found below.

Heads of Year and Heads of Department will be tracking Learning Scores regularly so that we can identify and reward pupils who perform well on a consist basis, but also identify any pupils who are regularly achieving scores of either 3 or 4. We have a shared goal for your son/daughter to achieve outstanding outcomes, which will serve them well for life beyond Penketh. It’s is essential that they show the dedication and commitment to their studies required to achieve these outcomes and learning scores allow us to monitor this closely.

I would like to thank you for the support you’ve provided to the school and the pupils across the first half term of the year. Parental engagement and support is absolutely essential to pupil progress and I’m keen that the school work together with families to ensure the best outcomes for our young people. Keeping you informed about the progress of pupils in lessons and highlighting any concerns early is an essential part of the home-school dialogue as it helps inform your discussions at home.

I look forward to the half term ahead and working with staff, parents and pupils to ensure the very best for our outstanding young people.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr J Carlin.