Becoming a successful Entrepreneur


Andrew Hibbert, Isupply group and owner of Real5 Networking came to inspire students about his journey of becoming a successful, local entrepreneur. Students were engrossed by his stories and the real experiences Andrew has had in his career to date. Andrew has offered a “Golden Ticket” to the best 2 questions for students to spend time with him when he holds his next Real5 Networking meeting with over 50 local business owners. Winners to be announced soon!!

Student feedback to Miss Madden:

“Andrew was really interesting”

“Andrew made me really think about what I want to do”

“Andrew showed us you can start small and be a success by growing the business “

“Andrew made me realize, that you can fail yet still be successful if you work hard and preserve”

“Andrew made me think about a range of traits an entrepreneur has, it doesn’t matter if you are a loner or a clown, you can still be successful if you work hard and have a focus”



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