Heritage Group

It is important that the history and heritage of the district is not lost and is available for people to access.The memories of local people are a vital link to the past and need to be collected.


The aim is to develop a Heritage Archive Centre to be use d by the whole community to access resources to find out about the local area.  It is hoped that the Centre will be used by the general public as well as local primary schools and local history groups.



The Centre will cover a wide range of topics about life, work, schools, leisure, and people in the areas of Penketh, Sankey Bridges, and Burtonwood Air Base.

A permanent display area will be developed as well as an area for short-term displays.  A variety of media are to be used including:-

• Voice archive,

• Photograph archive,

• Video interviews,

• Artifacts etc..


The main areas we are currently researching include:-

• Old Penketh (up to major changes around 1960)

• Burtonwood air base and the impact on Penketh,

• Penketh Tannery,

• Farms of Penketh,

• People – notable people / local characters,

• Penketh and the World Wars

• Working in Penketh and Sankey Bridges

• The Sankey Canal

• Schools in Penketh

• Leisure – local clubs / sports teams / carnival

• New Penketh – the post-1960 growth.


How Can You Help?

My research will rely heavily on the memories and information of local people.

I need to interview a wide range of people to make:-

• Voice recordings of memories,

• Video interviews of memories,

• Copies of photographs, slides, negatives, film etc.

• Copies of documents that people have which would show the many changes that have taken place in the area.

• A collection of artefacts about life in the community or generally life in the past which could be used as a visual display.

We are all important resources.


If you or anyone you know can help or contribute in any way please contact;

Mr P Rutherford

Tel : 01925 722801