Governing Body

Governing body

The Governing Body has 18 members and they meet at least once each term. There are standing committees for; Finance, Premises, Curriculum & Progress, Climate for Learning & Safeguarding all meet at least once per term and in addition committees to consider Pay, Personnel and Admissions on an ongoing basis. Members of the Governing Body are from all walks of life and bring knowledge and experience which prove invaluable in the governing of the school.

A Governors’ role is as a ‘critical friend’ to the school. They do not manage the school on a day to day basis but work as a group to guide and approve plans from the Principal and Senior Management Team. They often provide valuable insights, or work as a sounding board for ideas and plans, to maintain and enhance the provision of education at Penketh High School.

Their role also includes the oversight of activities in the school and several governors act as ‘Link governors’ to gain specific knowledge in an area of the curriculum to keep the Governing Body informed more closely about what is happening in that area.

Minutes of the governors meetings are in the school for those wishing to read them. Governors work within the framework provided by the Law on Governance and we follow those rules carefully. If you wish to contact any of the governors they can be contacted by mail or messages left at the school. Governors are there to also support parents but this should not be the first point of contact and if you wish to discuss things about your child please go through the correct procedure. You can contact me John Holmes as the Chair of Governors by e-mail at:

We employ a clerk separately from the school. The clerk is Mrs Irene Coates and she work for the governors so is independent of the school. You can contact her by writing to her at the school or by e-mail at:   Irene does not work in the school full time.

We are now members of a unique multi academy trust together with Priestly College, Bridgewater High School and Penketh High School; there are other schools that will be joining us in the near future, St Thomas Boteler, William Beaumont, Great Sankey Primary and Penketh South. The Challenge Academy Trust (TCAT) has Matthew Grant as the CEO and also the Principal at Priestley College. Penketh will continue to have its own Governing Body just as before.

Governors are ultimately responsible for how the school is performing. The Governing Body either elected or appointed are in three different categories that include Parents, Staff and Community governors.

The Principal Mr Dunne has been seconded to take the school into the Multi Academy Challenge Trust until September with Mrs Wright being appointed as Acting principal and Mt John Carlin has been appointed to become Principal in September.

The list of governors at May 2017 is:-

Name Type Appointed by Term of office ends
Andrew Broadhurst Parent Parents 9th November 2020
Lacy Muir Parent Parents 3rd April 2021
Paul Hinds Parent Parents 4th November 2019
Linda Murdoch Parent Parents 1st March 2018
Caroline Rushton Parent Parents 9th November 2020
Jacqui Thelwell Parent Parent 4th November 2019
Liz Hutt Staff Staff 5th September 2020
Mel Bratt Staff Staff 4th November 2019
Ben Dunne Principal Secondment to MAT till August 2017
Allyson Jenkins Staff Staff 30th October 2018
Graeme Baxter Community Governors 19th July 2018
Vicky Briggs Community Governors 7th December 2019
Tony Gibbs Community Governors 31st March 2017
John Holmes (Chair) Community Governors 29th June 2020
Jan Costello Community Governors 29th June 2020
Vicky Calder Community Governors 29th June 2020
Stephen Pennington (Vice Chair) Community Governors 9th November 2020
 Bill Carr Community Governors 3rd April 2021
Judith Wright Acting Principal Governors Acting till August 2017
John Carlin Associate Governors 31st August 2018