Year 11 Easter EPS Sessions


Dear Parent/carer,

Thank you for your ongoing support in the build up to the GCSE examinations which are just three weeks away upon our return from the Easter break. Easter Holiday EPS Study Sessions at school Over the holidays a number of teachers will be offering EPS study sessions. Your child’s teacher will notify her/him if they are to attend. The scheduled sessions are shown on the reverse of this letter. If there is a clash between more than one session, she/he can split their time between the different sessions. Alternatively, they can prioritise which subject they wish to attend. Please note, there will not be any recreational or dining facilities during the holiday so pupils must remain under the
supervision of their teacher whilst on site. Once the sessions are finished pupils should depart from the school premises in the interests of their health and safety as we are unable to provide supervision. Yll Easter Holiday Revision Over the holiday your son/daughter should be continuing with their revision independently at home, in a quiet place away from distractions. All students should create a revision timetable outlining what they will be revising each day. We suggest that each student should be studying around 4-5 hours per day during the holidays. Y11 Roadmap and Revision Toolkit All students have been issued with a Roadmap document which outlines what they should be studying for each subject. In addition they have also been issued with pocket sized revision toolkit – which outlines key revision techniques. These can also be accessed from our website here.

We wish all of our students a productive Easter Break and hope that they revise well, but also have sufficient time to rest and come back ready for the final period before their crucial GCSE exams.

Click here to see when year 11 have EPS sessions over the Easter break.


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