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ICT projects:

Year 7 pupils have made mini PCs as part of their ICT homework here are a few of them.

_MG_6501 _MG_6502 _MG_6503 _MG_6504 _MG_6505 _MG_6506 _MG_6507 _MG_6508 _MG_6509 _MG_6510


Geography Projects:

_MG_6272  _MG_6282 _MG_6280 _MG_6277 _MG_6276 _MG_6275_MG_6271


History Castle Projects:

Year 7 History pupils have worked hard on their creative and unique castle designs as apart of their work and here are a few examples.

_MG_6093Steph Clarke _MG_6094Steph Clarke _MG_6096Steph Clarke _MG_6097Steph Clarke


English WW1 Poetry Projects:

The work was a variety of WW1 poetry homework projects from Miss Mollat and Miss Redmond’s class. Pupils could get as creative as they wanted which was evident in some of the excellent examples featured.

Anna Sam Nathan Lucas  James Guy BriannaKeane





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