Mock Results Day Information


Dear Parent/Guardian,

The staff and I are fully committed to driving improvements across the school and a large part of this is improving pupil experiences to serve as the best possible preparation ahead of the summer exams.  Some pupils have already conveyed to us that they feel undertaking mock exams in the hall will help to remove any nervousness during the summer series of exams as they will be used to the environment and the experience of sitting exams.  We’re also mindful that pupils have little experience of receiving a collection of results as they will in the summer.

We feel it’s important that pupils recognise what the results mean to them as a collection of outcomes as they would on results day, especially as pupils will be developing a clearer understanding as to what the entry requirements for their chosen college courses are.  We would hope that pupils have prepared well for their mock examinations and subsequently are pleased with their outcomes.  Where this is not the case we will continue to offer support opportunities to pupils over the coming weeks to help them facilitate improvement.

The mocks are vital for staff as they identify areas that pupils need to work on in the run in to the final exams, but this is only truly worthwhile where pupils have prepared for the mock examinations.  Where pupils fail to do so the information we can gather about their understanding is skewed as it doesn’t reflect outcomes in the same way that if a pupil prepared as they would ahead of their final exams.  A mock results day helps to raise the profile of the mock exams and underline the importance of this process.

Competition for college and university places and apprenticeships remains high; requirements for some courses at college are now more rigorous requiring high average grades and we need to make sure opportunities for our fantastic young people are not limited.  We are committed to ensuring we provide the very best for our pupils and our decision making is influenced by this commitment.

I can assure parents that under performance will be dealt with sensitively and that we want to use the experience to support pupils ahead of what is a crucial summer for all in year 11.

The mock results day will be held on Thursday 11th of January. Pupils are invited to arrive into school as normal so that they can receive their morning mark during form time. The morning will then be dedicated to receiving results, taking time to reflect and delivering key information. Pupils will return to normal lessons during period 3. Where necessary we will be providing services for pupils to engage with, including careers advice and staff to discuss outcomes with.

As the final preparation for the summer exams starts in earnest from January we’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to a Year 11 information evening on Thursday 18th of January between 6pm and 8pm. The evening will be centred around delivering information from subject leaders, advice on how to best support pupils during the exam period and a chance to purchase revision materials and equipment.

We’re keen to support pupils in the best way possible and would implore you to let us know of any concerns or key information we need to be aware of over the next few months. The home school relationship is crucial to the success of pupils and we look forward to continuing to work closely with all parents across the remainder of the year.

I’d like to thank you for your ongoing support of the school.


Yours Sincerely,

Mr J Carlin.


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