Digital Art & Photography

Levels of Qualification

GCSE Art – Graphic Communication


Course Description


This two year course is designed to specifically meet the needs and interests of individual in a media driven society. Personal development and the ability to apply technical and practical skills by all pupils are highlighted throughout the course. Students complete sketchbook  work as well as developing individual outcomes to their self-initiated briefs.


Knowledge and Skills

Pupils will develop skills in all areas of Digital arts such as; Photo manipulation, vector art, 2d animation, photography, and 3d modelling and CGI animation. Pupils will specialize in their preferred areas as projects progress.




At the start of the course all pupils will be provided with an induction, which will outline the course and how it is assessed, providing deadlines and helpful hints of how to complete the course successfully. The pupils’ work is assessed in the form of 3 units each with specific elements of work which must be achieved to pass the course. 1 of these units will be an externally set exam where students will produce support work in a set time period running up to the exam then undertake a 10 hour controlled exam producing a final piece of work. All Students work is assessed with the final mark formulated from coursework (60%), and the externally set paper (40%).




The course is designed to teach pupils as many industry standard programs as possible and empower the pupils to experiment within these to find their own personal areas of  specialism.  All projects are planned to enable as much student individualism as possible while guiding the pupils on areas that will give them the highest possible attainment.



Specific techniques are introduced to all pupils who are taught through interrelated homework and class work projects. Pupils have the opportunity to specialise in their choice of animation and computer aided design as the course progresses.



Progress Routes

The course links in directly with the A level Digital arts programme and aims to further student’s knowledge of industry based skills techniques. The vast majority of student progress and secure places on degree courses in their specialist fields.