Contact Departments/Heads Of Year

Communication Matters

To improve our communication with parents so that you can support your child to make at least four levels of progress whilst they are at Penketh, we have set up the following email groups:


For help and support with issues not relating to individual subject areas, please email one of the following groups:


For Contact with the heads of each year and that year’s learning mentor please use the emails below:

Year 7 – Head of Year – Mr M Billington:

            Learning Mentor – Miss A Rudd:

Year 8 – Head of Year – Mr J Roper:

            Learning Mentor – Mrs A Lewis:

Year 9 – Head of Year – Mr N Smith:

            Learning Mentor – Miss S Baron:

Year 10 – Head of Year – Miss S Lowe:

            Learning Mentor – Miss M Levitt:

Year 11 – Head of Year – Mr A Hook:

            Learning Mentor – Mr M Jones:


Simply email the group you would like a response from. With these groups, you do not necessarily need to know the exact member of staff. It will go to every teacher in the group including the head of that department and a senior leader. The person most able to respond to your query or concern will be the member of staff who will get back to you quickly.