Study Leave Letter


Dear Parent/Guardian,

I wanted to write to you to confirm our arrangements for the exam period upon our return from half term. Year 11, as you know, are in the middle of what is an intense and important period for them as learners. One that will have a bearing on their next steps beyond Penketh and we want to support them in getting the most out of the next few weeks.

We have decided to vary our approach this year to best cater for the needs of individual pupils.  We know that some pupils would benefit from intense study at home as they prefer this form of preparation; similarly we know that some pupils might need more enhanced supervision to maintain the highest level of performance and preparation.

All lessons on the timetable will remain active across the coming weeks until the end of the exam period. For those subjects who have yet to complete their course and examinations, lessons will continue to be taught until the examination in that subject is complete.  For those subjects that have completed all examined elements, lessons will still be conducted by members of staff but they will offer supervised study sessions to ensure that pupils remain motivated and committed to their individual preparation.

We are giving parents and pupils the opportunity to discuss what they feel is the best method of preparation ahead of the final part of the exam season.  The reply slip below can be completed and submitted on Tuesday should you wish to request that your child undertake their final revision and preparation from home after half term.  We will be considering requests and will consider pupils’ recent application to their studies to inform what we think is best for the pupil over the final few weeks of the examination window.  If we feel it is in the best interests of the pupil to remain in school during this period we will decline requests and discuss our reasons with parents on an individual basis.

Of course, regardless of a pupils’ method of preparation, there is still a requirement for pupils to attend all of the examinations in which they are entered.  Failure to attend examinations or unauthorised absence may result in invitations to the prom withdrawn in line with the expectations outlined to pupils during the prom launch in January.

We are keen to work with parents to establish the best form of preparation for pupils over the coming weeks, though would suggest that for most pupils we will be recommending that they maintain their attendance in school.  If you do wish to request pupils undertake revision from home following half term please complete the reply slip below and have pupils return on Tuesday, they can post these into the receptacle located outside Mr Syed’s office. We will be informing parents and pupils of any decisions by the end of the half term.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr J Carlin.


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