Stationery Express


Stationery Express  A pen, pencil and ruler a day helps keep Mr Carlin away!’

About us:

‘Stationery Express’ is the newest (or latest) business venture set up by Miss Madden’s Year 9 Business students.

Stationery Express sells basic stationery equipment to pupils. Pupils will be prepared to meet the Penketh Essentials and ready to tackle a hard day’s work throughout the school day/week.

Where to find us:

Form time – Stationery Express will be visiting forms and in BS1

Break – Stationery Express will be based in the LRC

Extra equipment:

The following items will be available by order and pre-paid for – at competitive prices

  • Calculators
  • Folders
  • Plastic wallets
  • Lined paper

If there is an item you need that is not on the list please ask one of our ‘Stationery Express’ pupils for more information.

Stationery Express Price List Stationery Express Poster

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