School Day Length Consultation


Dear Parents and Carers,

Consultation on the length of the school day at Penketh High School.

I would like your views on our proposal to change the timings of the school day from September 2018. The proposal is to reduce morning break-time, lengthen lunch – whilst moving to a singular rather than a split lunch – and to introduce a secondary registration period at the end of the day. There is no change to the length or number of lessons. The current and proposed times are on the reverse of this letter.

The changes will result in a 3.10pm finish instead of the current 3.00pm and the day commencing at 8:40am rather than 8:45am. We feel the changes will support a more effective use of time during the day which in turn will positively impact on pupil experiences and help to drive our school improvement initiatives.

The move to a singular lunch will allow us to remove any possible disruption to learning as currently we have a number of pupils on lunch whilst other pupils are undertaking lessons.  In addition a singular and lengthier lunch will mean that we can offer an enrichment programme that pupils can access during their lunchtime session.

The introduction of a registration period at the end of the day will mean that we can address any issues that have arisen during the school day before pupils are dismissed and disseminate information to pupils where necessary ready for the following day.  It is important to the school that we resolve issues quickly to best support pupils.

School buses times will be adjusted accordingly to accommodate the proposed changes.

Consultation opens today and closes on Friday 15thJune 2018. Responses will be considered throughout the consultation period and a final decision will be communicated to staff, students and parents/carers on Friday 22ndJune 2018. If the proposals are agreed, it will allow a period of 10 weeks before the new arrangements come into operation.

Feedback on the proposals should be emailed to

Yours faithfully,

Mr J Carlin.


Proposed and current school day timings

Proposed school day Current school day
Time Length of period Period Time Length of period Period
8:40am 20 mins Morning Registration 8:45am 20 mins Morning Registration
9am 1 hour Period 1 9:05am 1 hour Period 1
10am 1 hour Period 2 10:05am 1 hour Period 2
11am 15 mins Break 11:05am 25 mins Break
11:15am 1 hour Period 3 11:30am 1 hour Period 3
12:15pm 1 hour Period 4 12:30pm 1 hour 30 mins Period 4/split lunch 30mins per year group
13:15pm 45 mins Lunch 14:00pm 1 hour Period 5
14:00pm 1 hour Period 5 15:00pm School finishes
15:00pm 10 mins Afternoon Registration
15:10pm School finishes

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