Network Warrington re-route 14/15 Bus

Dear Parents/Guardians.
Network Warrington have made some changes to the 14.15 bus service which includes: 
· Network Warrington have re-routed the 14/15 bus to operate to the school gate every half hour, all day.  This gives our pupils, staff and visitors a quick and convenient link to the Town centre from the gate.  It also helps promote safety as pupils are taken to your door.
· Network Warrington offer a smart card for students called ‘Touch & Go!’ this ticket gives great value bus travel and means that parents/schools don’t have to give pupils cash, as it paid via the bank.  The Touch & Go! Smart card gives access to our whole network for the time that it is valid i.e. other trips on other services at evenings and weekends are included.  Details are at

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