Emotional Wellbeing Resources

Dear Parents/carers and pupils.
With the summer holidays approaching I am mindful that this period can be a vulnerable time for many of our young people. I am attaching some resources that may be helpful to share as well as some updated information regarding CAMHS services. These resources include support with anxiety, emotional health and well-being along with important phone numbers you can access over the holidays and at any other point.
The first letter is a CAMHS Tier 2 guide on when and how to contact them. They provide consultation over the phone and advice over the phone. They are responsive and approachable. The contact number is 10925 575 904 and ask to speak to a member of the tier 2 team. This attachment also includes sources of advice and referral forms for local resources.
The second Letter is a list of useful apps that young people (and old!) can download to manage stress and anxiety. Most are free; Mindshift is a particularly good one.
Both of the above include some activities based services for young people to access over the summer.
And final the third letter contains useful websites for young people, practitioners and parents.
Just for information, Warrington have commissioned an eating disorder service in partnership with B-EAT called Community Eating Disorder Service (CEDS). This is not to be confused with CHEDS (Cheshire and Merseyside Eating Disorder Service) who CAMHS used to work with. Any young person who was under CHEDS is now under CEDS (I know confusing!)  They can be contacted on 0151 430 1321 or by email: mid-merseyceds@5bp.nhs.uk.
Kind regards.
Mrs J. Wright (operational Principal)

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